Museums can evolve from passive repositories of artifacts into dynamic spaces that apply active participation, involving the community in decision-making and storytelling. This participation can be achieved through the pillars of: social interaction, educational empowerment, emotional engagement, community building, preservation of diverse voices, cultivating creativity, personal and collective growth.

Christopher Hölzel and Lara Maalouf, 2023 

ACTIVE participation in museums, where visitors are involved in decision-making, storytelling, and curation, transforms these institutions into VIBRANT COMMUNITY spaces.

This is a reflection of our personal viewpoint on the transformative potential of such engagement, where museums become a collective endeavor and a reflection of the community's identity.

To fully harness the power of museums, we must continue to embrace and expand participation, ensuring that they evolve as spaces where people not only learn but actively shape the narratives that define them.

Through participation, people become integral to the museum's narrative, its collection, and its identity. In this way, visitors are not just passive receptors but co-creators of the museum experience.

Christopher Hölzel and Lara Maalouf, 2023 
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