It is a practice and state of mind that signifies being fully conscious, present, and aware of our surroundings, as well as fully engaged with any action we perform. Within museums, the term has been employed to inspire a wider range of visitor programming. Although often disregarded as an approach for museum professionals, it can be a powerful tool to improve practices by developing a routine of reflection, careful study, and full commitment to our work.

Emilia Sánchez González, 2023 

I chose this term because it had become a buzzword at the museum where I was working. As a result, the term was starting to lose the impact it originally had. I wanted the museum staff to be able to see the value in mindfulness as part of their everyday practice and not only as a filler in grant applications or as a mindset meant only for visitors.


We need to learn to identify the moments to step back and look at the bigger picture or to zoom in and highlight details. We need to actively choose to be fully present.

Emilia Sánchez González, 2023
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Film stills from the MINDFULNESS Video. Taken across various museums in Berlin and Potsdam, 2023. By Emilia Sánchez González ©.
Created in Berlin 10/2023 by Emilia Sánchez González ©.