In the context of museum experiences, the term engagement goes beyond mere casual interaction. It is a skillful blending of spontaneous connections, creating a meaningful impact. Rather than just involving surface-level or incidental interactions, engagement in this sense refers to the deliberate orchestration of the moment. The resulting impact from these interactions may not be immediately evident, suggesting that the true value of engagement lies in its ability to unfold over time, leaving a lasting impression that might become more apparent and appreciated with reflection. This perspective emphasizes the depth and significance of meaningful connections.

Rina Khatib, 2023

My choice for the term “engagement” evolves from a fundamental principle —asserting that visitors are always right. This belief underscores the importance of prioritizing the visitor experience in a museum setting. Regardless of their individual interests, the idea is that when individuals make the effort to visit a museum, they should depart with a positive and fulfilling experience. The term engagement is seen as playing a pivotal role in achieving this objective. It signifies the museum’s commitment to actively involve and captivate visitors, ensuring that their time spent in the museum is not only enjoyable but also meaningful. By focusing on engagement, the goal is to create an environment where visitors feel a connection, resonance, or enrichment, irrespective of their diverse preferences. The term encapsulates the museum’s dedication to fostering positive and rewarding experiences for all its visitors.

Engagement is a personal symphony, a diverse range of connections weaving individuals together in shared experiences, irrespective of the surroundings.

Rina Khatib, 2023
Dreamers Among The Rubble. Artist Ali Al Jabali
Dreamers Among the Rubble. Artist: Ali Al- Jabali. Photo by Mustafa Hassona/ Anadolu Agency on Middle Eastern Monitor.