Emotion is created by our brain, so it is born naturally but we react differently to it based on our memories or how our brain gives meaning to the emotions. Emotion is faster than thought, exists everywhere at any time and is linked directly to our five senses.
Emotions in the museum context can build their own spaces that arise from physical material, sensorial involvement and interior monologue that will lead to feel and behave subconsciously based on Psychogeography1, which will boost the bond between visitors and the exhibition to acquire a memorable experience.
Moving through a museum is highly influenced by temperature, smell, light, colors, moving or stillness, designs and architecture, sounds, gestures, and everything around us. Therefore, emotion is a vital and relevant thing that should be generated in the museums’ environment as it’s the heart of enjoyment.

Fatima Mohamed Al Ali, Fadhel Ibrahim Al Ali, Razan Nassreddine and Josephine Taraschewitz, 2021

Emotions are a human driven sensation, a motion and a drive, a factor and a condition. But yet as humans it is sometimes difficult to deal with them. In museums we work essentially on the basis of emotion. It seems to be a valid method: once you get to the emotion of someone you can easily get to their mind, too. That is why we asked ourselves: what are emotions? How do they work? Do our emotions control us, or are we able to control the emotions we feel?

There lies a manifold and extensive potential in the feeling of emotions. Simultaneously we face a lack of understanding and a holistic awareness of human feelings and their power and possibilities in most of our societies and cultures. They are carriers of information, who send messages in a tremendously direct, fast and always true way from our subconscious to our mind. Maybe it is recommendable to integrate and consider emotions and the emotional impact more in the curatorial and interpretation work.

We chose a poem to describe and write about emotions as we were inspired by the root of the Arabic word of “Emotion” which means poetry (شَعَرَ Sha’ara means feel and شِعْر Shear means poetry). The team desired to develop an idea on the understanding of the term in a creative and artistic way which also was a quite personal and intimate format to which all the members of the team were committed. We discovered that it is not necessary to translate our poems because the language we chose is our native language and an authentic expression of our thoughts and feelings.

أبحر في القصید واكتب لكم وصف الشعور

وصف العاطفة والمشاعر الخافیة یالحضور

العاطفة نبض الوتر بین الحنایا والسطور

ھيبینبابالحزنیليوراه ُمرومعصور

وبین ساحة ال َّسعد یلي تملیھا البسمة والحبور

العاطفة تحترك بالمواقف لا بسحب الأمور

عظیم الشان خلقھا وما تحتاج كلمة مرور

German Translation

Ich navigiere im Gedicht und schreibe dir eine Beschreibung des Gefühls
Beschreiben Sie die Emotionen und versteckten Gefühle des Publikums
Emotion ist der Puls der Saite zwischen den Kurven und den Linien
Sie ist zwischen der Tür der Traurigkeit, die es bitter sah und drückte Und
zwischen dem Al-Saad-Platz, der von einem Lächeln und Freude diktiert wird
Emotionen werden durch Situationen bewegt, nicht durch das Ziehen von Dingen
Toll, es zu erstellen und Sie brauchen kein Passwort

English Translation

Navigate the poem and write a description of the feeling
Describe the emotion and hidden feelings of the audience
Emotion is the pulse of the string between the curves and the lines
She is between the door of sadness that saw it bitter and squeezed
And between Al-Saad Square, which is dictated by a smile and joy
Emotion is moved by situations, not by pulling things off
Great to create it and you don't need a password


I have a hole in my heart
It is there and doesn’t go away
I don‘t know where it comes from

I have a hole in my heart
- I sometimes vanish completely in it
It holds me up

I have a hole in my heart
It stops me from feeling me
Connected with all the pleasure and abundance that is out there.

There is a burden
I chose not to carry
With me there are a lots of other women Hopelessly yearning for relief

I have a hole in my heart
Where does it come from?
Inside me something wants to scream and break out
I learned to keep quiet and go on

What does it mean to be a woman?
Am I a woman, among many other roles
Or am I especially a woman, above all else?

What does it mean to be a woman?
Which is the role I assume?
Being wonderful, magic, delightful, stunning? pleasant?

Pleasant, calm and lovely
Frank, honest and disruptive?
Breaking down walls and barriers, systems and beliefs.

Is the charm of my being in my view?
What do I see, how am I seen?
What is my view, and what am I becoming?
What comes into view?

How do I look? Who is ME?
My heart breaks open.
At last, I feel. The heart.
Hopefully it won't break.

Emotions sometimes make me feel so heavy and so light
They make me jump so high
And fall so low.
Why can’t they be absent and vanish sometimes?

Emotions are like colours. They are not to be understood but to be felt.
They give nuances to our lives enjoyable, fulfilling, vivid.
Sometimes they are also heavy, to carry.

Be a woman.

Created in Sharjah 10/2021 by Khawla Al Midfa and Josephine Taraschkewitz