Continuous Learning

Learning in museums is a dynamic approach to discover cultural heritage, sharing the voice of people, their heritage, and traditions. Working in a museum and being part of this cultural process requires continuous learning to enrich the cultural scene and foster a deeper understanding of the history, art, tangible and intangible heritage on display. This can be achieved through producing various interactive exhibitions, educational programs, and media contents to engage visitors regardless of gender, age or location.

Viola Attallah, 2023

Lifelong Learning Under Occupation: Living a life under occupation entails constant danger, where one’s life can be lost at any moment. Thousands of Palestinians have died due to ongoing wars and displacement since 1948. Alongside these losses are the stories and social traditions, vanishing with individuals without any record. This terrifying reality has encouraged cultural organizations, creatives, and intellectuals to strive to preserve their rich heritage through art, music, literature, and traditional practices. These endeavors serve as a means of resilience, amplifying the voices of people.

At Rozana Association, we firmly believe that one of the key heritage preservation methods involves documenting oral history by connecting with our elders, reviving their memories and traditions, and recording these narratives. This effort aims to revive heritage and disseminate stories using engaging tools that increase audience reach and engagement percentages.

Viola Attallah, 2023
   Ratibah Al Badha (Umm Musa) and Viola Attallah in Deir Ammar, September 2022.