The Concept of Care explores a paradigm shift in the role of museums. It challenges the traditional focus on object preservation, advocating for museums as dynamic social platforms dedicated to societal value, inclusivity, and social justice. CARE is imperative for democratisation within museums, urging professionals to play a pivotal role in fostering inclusivity and social responsibility. This perspective envisions museums not merely as spaces for documentation and preservation but as catalysts for positive social change.

Linnéa Steegmüller, 2023

I've selected "CARE" as my chosen glossary term because it embodies a multitude of expectations and aspirations I hold for museums. While not confined to academic discourse, this term seamlessly translates into everyday language and finds a perfect application in the realm of museum practices. In this single term, I advocate for a spectrum of transformative changes within the cultural sector, emphasising the principles of social responsibility and inclusivity as central pillars for the museums of tomorrow.

In the ethos of CARE, museums are attuned to power dynamics, continuously reflecting upon and addressing the historical legacies that their institutions embody. Museums that practice “care” consider their visitors and aspire to inspire, provoke, educate, and entertain them. They become spaces attuned to diverse needs, fostering an inclusive environment that accommodates various perspectives. They bear a responsibility to care, because they have the power and the potential to achieve greatness.

Linnéa Steegmüller, 2023
Photo 1: Anne Frank Zentrum  © Rocktäschel      |     Photo 2: Schwules Museum, Berlin 2023 © QueerCityPass      |     Photo 3: FHXB Museum, Berlin 2023 © Linnéa Steegmüller